How Ridgeview Riderz Got Their Start

In August 2014 after my father passed away my wife and I bought a motorcycle. I have 30 years riding experience under my belt. After riding the rest of the summer as lone wolves my wife and I decided starting a riding club and to have friends  that has the love for 2 wheels would be nice. After scouting around we found the SCRC and my wife and I with a few friends started the Westmoreland Indiana chapter. The only good thing that came from that was the friends we made along the way. After various run ins with the State Officer trying to micromanage and telling me where or when not I could use a patch I made we separated. My  2nd officer and long time friend (Slayer) Scott Ferrenberg came with me and we formed the Ridgeview Riderz. WE have 2 rules.

1. Just Ride

2. Have fun and enjoy camaraderie of fellow riderz while riding safely

Have .